Editorial: A Special Dialogue

Editorial: A Special Dialogue

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Over the last few weeks our country has been ripped apart by tragic shooting events involving police officers.

From controversial video showing white police officers shooting and killing black men, to police officers being targeted and gunned down in our nation's streets.

A nation already on edge was jolted again Sunday by the senseless shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge. The events have sparked outrage over race relations, gun rights, police training, and more.

WALB believes one of the best ways to address what's happening around us, is to have an open community conversation. So we invited prominent members of our community, including leaders from law enforcement, local pastors, and strong voices in civil rights and in the black lives matter movement, to come together and talk on a special episode of our weekly public affairs program "Dialogue."

We know these tragedies can happen anywhere but in our area, we are fortunate that for years community policing has been in place.

The leadership and the police force itself does reflect the makeup of our community, so most feel, citizens have confidence in and support for our law enforcement.

But we too need to focus on words and actions that can unite our country and not divide it further.

We need to temper our words and open our hearts.

One conversation or community meeting will not solve our problems, but it could be the beginning. We can all certainly agree the violence must stop.

In case you missed our special program Monday night, you can watch it in the Dialogue section of our website.

We hope you keep this conversation going in a peaceful and respectful way in your churches, your civic groups, and your neighborhoods. We truly are all in this together.

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