Rynders gives insight on RNC

Rynders gives insight on RNC
Republican Nation Convention on Monday (Source: Representative Ed Rynders)
Republican Nation Convention on Monday (Source: Representative Ed Rynders)
Ed Rynders (Source: WALB)
Ed Rynders (Source: WALB)

(WALB) - Day one at the RNC:

The Republican National Convention kicked off at 1 p.m. on Monday in Cleveland, OH, and Georgia has a presence there.

Representative Ed Rynders is one of 76 delegates from our state at the convention.

He said they got a great perspective of the day's events since they were seated in the first few rows.

Rynders said there is a high security presence in Cleveland.

"I have really never seen anything like it. Snipers on buildings. Lake Erie with boats heavily armed," said Rynders. "We understand they've moved the protesters about a quarter mile away."

But he said it hasn't stopped the enthusiasm of his fellow Republicans and his fellow delegates.

"The message coming from Georgia is that we're united and we're going to do everything that we possibly can. We're going to get the message out and tell why the establishment of the Clinton and Obama administration just simply doesn't work," said Rynders.

Rynders said they are looking forward to to seeing what Trump's wife Melania has to say during her address Monday evening.

Trump is expected to address the RNC on Thursday.

Day two at the RNC:

Rynders said that there was an enthusiastic crowd at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night.

When asked whether or not delegates were concerned about people accusing Melania Trump of plagiarizing her speech, Rynders had this to say:

Well now you understand that these people are die hard Republicans. And we're sitting here going 'really, we're gonna talk about what speeches was lifted from other parts, but we're gonna give the presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton of the Democrats a pass on lying to the FBI?' You know just, if you plagiarize because you talked about family being important and accountability, that's one thing. But lying about our national security is a whole 'nother.

Representative Rynders will continue to update WALB as he attends the RNC this week.

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