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Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day helps farmers succeed

Sunbelt Ag Day (WALB image) Sunbelt Ag Day (WALB image)
Expo's Mike Chafin (WALB image) Expo's Mike Chafin (WALB image)
Timothy Coolong (WALB image) Timothy Coolong (WALB image)
Mike Mills (WALB image) Mike Mills (WALB image)
Field Day (WALB image) Field Day (WALB image)

Farming is a tough business, and farmers from across the region gathered in Moultrie Thursday to learn how to take on challenges they face daily.  

About two hundred farmers showed up today, ready to hear from researchers and companies who understand the obstacles southeastern farmers face.
And even though it was a quick day-- a lot of ground was covered.

Every five minutes these farmers moved from station to station,  learning about new ways to protect and grow their crops. 

"Farmers are really looking for a niche.  They're really looking for that one thing that's going to push them over the edge and make them be profitable," said Michael Chafin, Sunbelt Ag Expo Farm Site Manager.

Researchers and companies gathered at the 600-acre farm, ready to share the latest and greatest with these growers. "We do demonstrations for farmers so that they can come and see it and take it back to their farming operation," Chafin said.

Take Associate Professor Timothy Coolong, who is an Extension Vegetable Specialist.  Today, he was able to show hard data to farmers to better explain the pros and cons of different types of irrigation systems.

"They can say, 'I want to do this system. What sort of yield benefit will I get, and how much is this going to cost me, and does it make sense to them economically?' said Timothy Coolong.

And along with researchers, companies pitched their own products, explaining how farmers could benefit from the variables they actually can control.

"To be able to see it right in front of them really gives those growers some real-life, some real-world actual growing in the field experience and knowledge about what they can replicate on their farm in large scale," Mike Mills, Reinke Manufacturing's Southeast Territory Manager.

 An educational day to help these farmers, which isn't only beneficial to their livelihood, but also helpful to ours. "To really maximize their profits, maximize their yields, and decrease their inputs.  That's what it's all about," Chafin said.

The Field Day gave farmers a sneak preview of what's in store for The Sunbelt Ag Expo, which is scheduled for October 18th through the 20th.

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