Community comes together to reflect on national tensions

Community comes together to reflect on national tensions

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia community joined together in light of the recent national shootings.

First Missionary Baptist in Thomasville held a vigil followed by a public forum Tuesday night.

Aside from the community's attendance, the Thomasville Police Chief, the Thomas County Sheriff, the local NAACP president and 100 Black Men president were also present.

A diverse group of people from the community gathered.

The goal of this event is to make sure that Thomasville is staying in front of the national trends happening everyday.

They wanted to inform the citizens of the reality of things happening nationally.

With public safety an issue as well, another goal was to make sure there was no tension and everyone was on the same page.

Pastor Jeremy Rich planned this event after seeing the news coverage of Dallas and Baton Rogue.

"Just in disbelief that this is happening in our country, that this is happening in America where we are all supposed to be equal," said Pastor Jeremy Rich.

After the prayer ceremony, there was be a public forum, the community leaders will answer questions and speak about topics they feel are important.

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