Back the blue movement regains steam

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With protests against police across the country, and violence targeting officers, some people in Albany are showing solidarity with law enforcers.

The founder of the city's Back the Blue movement said that it's getting renewed attention following last week's attack in Dallas that killed five officers.

Tom Gieryic is certainly a proud supporter of law enforcement.

With $1,200 dollars of his hard-earned savings, he developed these "Back the Blue" signs to show that support.

It's a movement that continues to grow.

10 months ago, Gieryic set out on his mission to support first responders.

"I've had hundreds of police tell me that this is the best thing that's ever happened to them," said Gieryic.

Gieryic developed "Back the Blue" after a Texas sheriff's deputy was shot in the back of the head while pumping gas.

"I just felt in my heart we needed to start something to let them guys know the majority of the people out there respect them," explained Gieryic.

And Gieryic did just that.

Back the Blue started with these yard signs. Now, you can get the logo on decals and magnets.

"At first it was huge, huge. We couldn't keep signs in stock," said Gieryic. "It's tapered down a little bit. But now because of the event in Texas Dallas the other day. It's spiked back up again."

Gieryic isn't the only one showing support for law enforcement.

On Sunday, Byne Baptist Church held a special law enforcement prayer during its morning worship service.

Dr. Reeves: "We're a place for them spiritually as well. If there are things that we can help minister to them and their families during this difficult time in our country," said Pastor Dr. Kerry Reeves.

Pastor Reeves said that a handful of officers both in uniform and plain clothes attended the service.

He's working with Albany's Police Chief to build relationships between residents and law enforcers.

To achieve that, Dr. Reeves had one request.

"Challenge people in our community to take a stand, take a stand for peace," said Pastor Reeves.

Gieryic said that he's in the process of redesigning the yard sign.

The new one will have a thicker blue line to show support for the police, EMS and fire department.

Gieryic also said that there will be a 5K "Back the Blue" Run on July 30.

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