Rotary club helps family of ambushed Valdosta officer

Rotary club helps family of ambushed Valdosta officer
James Dominey (Source: WALB)
James Dominey (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Valdosta Police Officer Randall Hancock is still in the hospital as of Monday night after he was shot on Friday.

Officer Hancock took two bullets to the vest and one to his abdomen on Friday.

Fellow officers are happy he's getting better.

Thanks to the help of a Valdosta civic club, his family is by his side.

"That's a call you never want to receive, of course," said James Dominey, the chairman of the Rotary Law Enforcement Committee.

Dominey remembers getting a phone call from the Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress shortly after Officer Randall Hancock was shot while responding to a call.

"He cares a lot for his officers and he was very concerned that the family members would not be able to get here to see officer Hancock," explained Dominey.

Chief Childress asked the rotary club to donate money from the Law Enforcement Appreciation fund to fly in Officer Hancock's family.

The fund provides officers with financial assistance in times of need.

"Wanted some way to assist these officers, not just in case there was a fatality, but we wanted to be able to assist them along the way," said Dominey.

Within three hours the Valdosta Rotary Club donated the money needed to fly in those family members.

They have not said how much money was donated but club members said that it was the least they could do to help.

"It's always a special feeling to help someone that gives so much to the community," explained Dominey.

The Law Enforcement Appreciation Fund continues to grow year after year to help officers like Randall Hancock.

Rotary club members said that the fund is crucial to the entire community.

"This is one group of folks we can not do without in this community," said Dominey.

The money for the Law Enforcement Appreciation Fund is raised at a banquet every February.

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