Editorial: Supreme Court rules on abortion restrictions

Editorial: Supreme Court rules on abortion restrictions

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Recently, the Supreme Court struck down one of the strictest abortion restrictions in the country. 

The Texas laws required doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, and forced clinics to meet hospital-like standards for outpatient surgery.

Supporters said the law raised health and safety standards for abortions, but the court said that makes no sense for women whose abortions require taking only pills, not surgery. 

The result was a drastic drop in the number of abortion clinics from 42 to 19. That meant that women in rural areas had to driver more than a hundred miles for any reproductive care. 

Justice Anthony Kennedy who was part of the 5-3 vote said "the Texas law imposed obstacles on a woman's right of access to abortion without any medical benefit."

However the celebration may be short lived and damage has been done. It could take years to restore the clinics that were forced to close. 
As for the other states imposing the same restrictive guidelines, they will have to reverse their abortion laws.

Already the Alabama Attorney General says his office is ending the legal fight over its Alabama abortion law.

We applaud the Supreme Court's move to restore reproductive rights to all women.

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