Pop up clinic provides health screenings for seniors

Pop up clinic provides health screenings for seniors
Seniors participated in health screenings (Source:WALB)
Screenings focused on preventative health (Source:WALB)
Screenings focused on preventative health (Source:WALB)
Lisette Cintron, Registered Nurse (Source:WALB)
Lisette Cintron, Registered Nurse (Source:WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Seniors in Tifton lined up to keep an eye on warning signs of potentially deadly diseases Wednesday.

Nurses and other clinic workers are busy as, patient-by-patient, they shrink the queue, but this isn't what people typically see when they walk into the Leroy Rogers Senior Center.

The pop up clinic is offering preventative health screenings.

"We're trying to give them recommendations on potential risk factors they may have, to hopefully improve or maintain their health," said Listette Cintron, NP.

Patients are being checked for warning signs related to strokes, heart disease and osteoporosis. They're also being reminded of some of the best practices to keep their bodies in check.

And those tests come at a time when temperatures are high.

Screeners at Lifeline said the summer can be especially tough because our bodies lose plenty of fluids. They said the best thing to do is drink a lot of water.

Cintron said the health issues the group is looking out for today can be devastating… but some, also, show warning signs that could telegraph problems on the horizon.

This is the reason annual screenings, and sometimes more, are so important.

"To make sure that you're keeping up with your health and also maintaining and improving and avoiding any of the bad," she said.

And listening to what your body tells you, is something those health workers said could be lifesaving.

More information about the screenings can be found at http://www.lifelinescreening.com/.

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