Cordele adds officers; needs more

Cordele adds officers; needs more
Sgt. Taylor (WALB image)
Sgt. Taylor (WALB image)

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Citizens in Cordele may recognize new officers on the streets-- serving and protecting.

That's because the police department has welcomed around a half dozen new officers over the last two months, but the thin blue line could use a little beefing up, with another half-dozen officers.

 In fact, agencies all around southwest Georgia say they need officers to patrol the streets.

Police say the extra officers allow them to be more proactive with their policing, instead of being strictly reactive.
An under-strength force ultimately hurts the citizens. "First of all you have to start overworking your officers. Your officers get tired. They start taking extra time off to recover. It boils down to - the more officers you have on the street, the more that can get accomplished," said Cordele Police Sgt. Jeremy Taylor.

The  Albany Police Department says they have 30 openings for entry level jobs.

Americus Police are about 11 short.

Valdosta and Ashburn both say they are up to full strength right now.

Sergeant Taylor says the pay and danger of the job make the positions hard to fill.

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