Editorial: Swim for Life program

Editorial: Swim for Life program

According to the CDC, ten people die every day from unintentional drowning in the United States.

Here in Dougherty County, WALB is happy to hear that a new step is being taken to help prevent those deaths from happening in our own backyard.

The Coroner's office has launched a Swim for Life program, and will be providing free swimming lessons to 100 area children.

Coroner Michael Fowler said not everyone can afford swimming lessons, so he wanted to find a way to provide the service to area children.

"A lot of kids can't afford it. Their parents can't afford it. So, we're trying to deal with the less fortunate, but we know kids love water. So they're going to go to a pool, or go to a pond or some of them are going to the beaches, we want them to have an idea of the basic swimming lessons that they need to survive," said Fowler.

The swimming lessons will be conducted by the Albany's Boys & Girls Club.

WALB would like to applaud the Coroner's office and all those involved in this effort.

We hope to see more organizations taking it upon themselves to help others in our community.

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