#SocialMediaDay: 6 things we love about social media

#SocialMediaDay: 6 things we love about social media

(WALB) - Happy Social Media Day!

It hasn't been that long since social media has been around, but can you imagine life without it?

In honor of Social Media Day, we put together six of our favorite things that happen on our beloved social networks.

1. Helping People Feel Loved

Rebecca Lyn sent this photo post out into the world through Facebook to support her cousin Hallee Sorenson.

Then this happened.

2. Raising awareness

3. Watching auctioneers doing their thing to some sick beats

So much yes.

4. Checking Twitter to see if Facebook is down

Been there.

Done that.

5. Arguing with someone because they are obviously wrong

6. Making fun of social media on social media, because you can

Such a great idea.

And then there's this.

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