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Pawn Shop owners concerned about proposed ordinance

Bainbridge (Source:WALB) Bainbridge (Source:WALB)
City Manager, Chris Hobby (Source:WALB) City Manager, Chris Hobby (Source:WALB)
(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)

A new ordinance in Bainbridge could require pawn shops to keep records on who is buying and selling goods

Last week, the city presented the ordinance and listened to concerns from shop owners
Keeping records is nothing new for pawn shops in Bainbridge, most of them say they have done it for years. But not to the level proposed by the city. 

"The purpose of which was trying to have some system in place where if something was stolen and then got somebody attempting to pawn it or sell. We would have some system of tracking that," said City Manager, Chris Hobby.

The proposed ordinance would require pawnshop owners to keep records of all items sold and bought. They would also be required to take each customer's photo and fingerprint along with a description of the items. 

Owners say even honest shops sometimes unknowingly take in stolen items. The city hopes to find an easier way to track down these goods.

"Most cities in Georgia already have such an ordinance, whether it requires reporting through a third party vendor or whether it just requires whether the local law enforcement agencies," said Hobby.

For now Bainbridge does not have a policy in place and one of the many concerns for business owners here is the third party handling all the records. 

"They had some concerns, were listening to those concerns, we're meeting with the pawnshop owners and trying to come up with something that will be palatable to them but also meet the goals that we have," said Hobby.

City leaders and pawn shop owners met Tuesday to try to come up with a compromise.  

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