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Keeping pets safe around fireworks

(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)
Pets may develop phobias (Source:WALB) Pets may develop phobias (Source:WALB)
Steve Whatley, Bush Animal Clinic (Source:WALB) Steve Whatley, Bush Animal Clinic (Source:WALB)

Before you light off fireworks this Fourth of July, you might want to think about how they affect your pets.

Veterinarians say some animals develop phobias to the sounds and sights of fireworks. 

They said that it's possible to condition them to the explosions, but, if they aren't trained, they may destroy property or hurt themselves if afraid and contained.

Veterinarian Steve Whatley said the best thing to do is to keep your animals inside, if they aren't trained and appear to be upset.

"It's not really correcting a behavior to rub a pet and say it's okay because you're not addressing a problem," Whatley said. "But, in this situation, that's really what you need to do. Just talk to them and let them know everything is going to be okay." 

Whatley said medications are also available if an owner is concerned their pet may hurt itself.

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