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ABAC offers new nursing degree

ABAC will now offer a BSN (Source:WALB) ABAC will now offer a BSN (Source:WALB)
Courses will be online and in-person (Source:WALB) Courses will be online and in-person (Source:WALB)
Troy Spicer, Dean (Source:WALB) Troy Spicer, Dean (Source:WALB)
Cynthia Maxwell, student (Source:WALB) Cynthia Maxwell, student (Source:WALB)
Xavier Boyce, student (Source:WALB) Xavier Boyce, student (Source:WALB)

The School of Nursing and Health Science was the last at ABAC to offer a four-year degree, but, now, nurses will have that option. 

It's just practice right now, but a lot of nursing students at ABAC are already putting what they've learned to work.

And the School of Health Sciences is helping them do that.

The college is now adding a bachelor of science in nursing degree to help those who may want to further their careers.

"The hospital systems are wanting to move to a more four-year degree prepared registered nurse in their facilities," said Dean Troy Spicer.

Student Cynthia Maxwell said she's excited. She plans on enrolling in the hybrid online-in-person program after finishing her associate degree. 

Maxwell said the flexibility of classes at ABAC are a big reason why she's attending. 

"I'm a single mom. I needed a program that allowed me to continue to be a good mom, but, at the same time, a program that allows me to work full time," said Maxwell. 

So far, eleven students have signed up for the program that started just this month. 

And student Xavier Boyce might join them. He's worked in emergency services and says he could see himself transferring his skills to a hospital.

"Being on the street as a paramedic, I get to see people at their absolute worst. So, with that experience I can take that aptitude of dealing with people and take that to the hospital and further that," said Boyce.  

Some of those, like Boyce, who are looking to be a part of the program, might get a little help.

Spicer said the colleges philanthropic wing has secured scholarship money for the upcoming year. 

Spicer added that the new addition is a perfect fit during a time when the demand for nurses has never been greater.   

Spicer said students looking to enroll will be able to apply three times a year.

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