Murder trial continues for former pro boxer Yathomas Riley

Murder trial continues for former pro boxer Yathomas Riley

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Day three of Yathomas Riley's murder trial, and prosecutors showed evidence that multiple gunshots had been fired inside the bedroom where Lisa Riley was found dead.

Prosecutors one by one showed three bullets dug out of the walls and floors in the bedroom of the home on North Hampton Road July 10th.

The evidence photos also showed a number of ricochets and holes in furniture and baby items around the bedroom.

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They also showed the 9 millimeter handgun that was found in the bedroom that night.

Assistant District Attorney Lewis Lamb asked "Is this the weapon that was recovered from the floor near where Lisa Riley's body was found? "  GBI Special Agent Brian Smith answered, "Yes, sir, it is."

Prosecutors have not said when those shots were fired, and if they were involved in Riley's death, but they were letting the jury know that many bullets were collected.

The home surveillance video showed Lisa Riley walk into the bedroom that night, and later her husband leaving the home that night, and not returning until about 7:40 the next morning.

It later shows him pacing and making phone calls.

Attorneys said they expect this trial to last until at least late Friday, and possibly continue next week.

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