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Chalk projects make for fun at Wild Adventures

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Britney Bigelow (WALB image) Britney Bigelow (WALB image)
Alysia Baker (WALB image) Alysia Baker (WALB image)
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Some families in South Georgia spent their day outside at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, with a simple outdoor toy that's providing a little extra fun.

A mural that started as just an outline is completely colored in. We caught up with some of the artists that helped color in this Wild Adventures art work.

"Asking anybody that wants to pick up a piece of chalk to come in and help us color. Just make it pop into life!" said Laurie Windham, who does Public Relations for Wild Adventures.

Park guests took a break from the rides, grabbed some chalk and help color in a mega mural. "Sometimes you just want to do stuff instead of riding rides and interact with the park," said Park Guest Britney Bigelow.

The mural features the newest park attraction, the Dino exhibit. It's one way the park is interacting with its guests.

"Who doesn't like to color? If you can color outside with a piece of chalk and a really big area and help us make your mark on the park!" said Windham.

Park employees say it's all about seeing friends and families having a good time. "The faces light up, you see the chalk all over their hands. You see that smile when the little kid gets up and dusts their hands off," said Windham.

And it's a work of art park guests can say they played a part in. "It feels special because it's helping me and the park," said Park Guest Alysia Baker.

"We'll have a masterpiece that our guests have helped build," said Windham.

"I helped make something!" said Britney Bigelow.

This is the second year the park has made an interactive mural for guests.

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