Editorial: Standing up to bullying

Editorial: Standing up to bullying

Bullies have been around forever. Some people just enjoy intimidating and belittling other people, and you can't change human nature.

But you can fight back against this behavior, which has long-term negative effects on the victims.

A church group fought back with an artistic approach last week, to address the struggles of youth and their families.

'Go Ministries' put on a powerful, free play at Lee County High School, which told the story of a tragedy-stricken family struggling with bullying, depression, sexual abuse and neglect.

"When you've got someone that's constantly bullying, who's constantly misbehaving, when you have parents that don't know how to love their kids, if you look behind the scenes and look at what they've been through, you'll know it's because they've been treated that way," said organizer Bridgett Mack.

'Go Ministries' said that with proper funds, they hope to put on more plays like this in the future.

We encourage their work, and we hope that everyone will take notice of this ministry, and the problem it addresses.

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