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State Supreme Court ruling limits traffic officers

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Chief Cliff Jordan (Source: WALB) Chief Cliff Jordan (Source: WALB)

A Georgia Supreme Court ruling today limits where traffic officers can arrest drivers on stops. The State Supreme Court ruled that officers can't make arrests on traffic charges for incidents that happen out of their jurisdiction, even if they witness it.

The decision came after a Kennesaw State officer arrested a man for DUI after stopping him off campus.

The Ashburn Police chief said he instructs his officers to call deputies or officers for whatever area they're in to make any stop or arrest.

“They would keep a visual on that person, unless that person is just life-threatening, weaving in and out of traffic. They would call a deputy who would come to the location and make the stop itself,” said Chief Cliff Jordan.

The ruling does not impact traffic stops made outside of the officer's jurisdiction for traffic incidents that begin in the officer's jurisdiction.

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