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Storms cause massive power outages

Thomasville was one of many communities effected by the heavy rain (Source: WALB) Thomasville was one of many communities effected by the heavy rain (Source: WALB)
Steve Jones (Source: WALB) Steve Jones (Source: WALB)
Greg Lawrence (Source: WALB) Greg Lawrence (Source: WALB)
Nolan Lewis (Source: WALB) Nolan Lewis (Source: WALB)

Residents across South Georgia experienced some strong winds and heavy rains that left many without power and caused damage Thursday.

Thomasville was one of many South Georgia communities that received several inches of rain.

"When you get a heavy downpour like that you can count on the street flooding on smith avenue between East Pinetree and the 19 overpass. The storm system, the drain system can not handle that volume of water," said Captain Steve Jones, Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

The damage included flooded streets, many fallen trees and wide spread power outages. 

"We had about 7,300 of our customers were out at one point or another," said Greg Lawrence PIO, City of Thomasville.

Many people in Thomasville were surprised at how fast crews were out to repair the damage.

"As soon as it's safe for our guys to get out there, they're out there. They're trying to get services restored, they're trying to get roads cleared, they are trying to remove any hazards and down lines. Anything like that," said Lawrence.

Hazards such a huge trees toppling over, one of which even landed on a house.

"I was sitting in the dining room and I just turned around and saw a tree laying on our house," said Nolan Lewis, Thomas County resident.

A scary situation that could have become very dangerous.

Lucky for the Lewis family, the tree didn't leave behind much damage.

"Our wire was running across and the tree fell on it and knocked it down so our power went out," said Lewis.

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