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GUILTY: Murder victim's family speaks out

Steven Monroe, was found guilty of murder (WALB image) Steven Monroe, was found guilty of murder (WALB image)
Rhonda Cross-Scott (WALB image) Rhonda Cross-Scott (WALB image)
Lindsay Scott talks about the loss of his son (WALB image) Lindsay Scott talks about the loss of his son (WALB image)
(WALB image) (WALB image)
Clayton Cross (Source: Family photo) Clayton Cross (Source: Family photo)

In a courtroom Thursday evening, Steven Monroe was found guilty for the murder of Clay Cross. Prosecutors say gang members fired a shot into a Homerville nightclub at other gang members two years ago.  The bullet ricocheted and killed Cross.

"The environment of the courtroom was very tense. It was very emotional," said the mother of the victim, Ronda Cross-Scott.

Ronda describes the moments just before she heard the verdict for two men accused of killing her son, Clay Cross, at a Clinch County Club in 2014.
One defendant, Trevor Dennard Posley, was found not guilty of all charges.

That verdict that was unsettling to the family.   "There's a person that walked away today that shouldn't have walked away, he's not going to walk very far," said Matthew Watkins, father of the victim.

"As a mother who has waited two years to get justice for my son, it was disappointing to see that one person was set free," said Cross-Scott.

The second defendant, Steven Monroe, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life plus 190 years in prison. "In this manner there are no winners, everyone is losers. We lost a son and the other mother lost a son as well," said Cross-Scott.

And while they are pleased someone is being held responsible for their son's death, they say there is a bigger issue at hand. "We do have the murder, but the family of Clay Cross desires to get to the root cause of that murder," she said.

The root cause they say is gang violence and what they call public nuisance areas in Clinch County. "To make our community safe. To make sure those public nuisance areas like club 912 is eradicated and cannot do business ever again in Clinch County," said the mom.

The family says it's the only way they will be able to get closure on a life that was taken too soon. "We're going to pick up the pieces and move on to getting what we consider to be full justice for us," said Cross-Scott.

The family says they filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Club 912, the City of Homerville, Clinch County, and others.

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