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Start baby off the 'Safe Sleep' way

(WALB image) (WALB image)
Ashley and Michael Lamb, and their new addition (WALB image) Ashley and Michael Lamb, and their new addition (WALB image)
Jennifer Heleski (WALB image) Jennifer Heleski (WALB image)

For a new baby getting a good start in life begins with mom and dad. Phoebe Putney hospital begins educating parents even before the due date.

We met with a family making sure they give their new baby a safe start.

Ashley Lamb is soothing her brand new baby girl not yet one day old. "No name yet, we are waiting on the 4-year-old to tell us what her decision is," Lamb said with a laugh.

Ashley and her husband Michael are experienced parents, who admit they don't know everything. "There's always things to learn and things changing," Ashley said.

"Once they do get here I round on them and remind them of the things we did talk about," said Nurse Navigator Jennifer Heleski.

Phoebe's Nurse Navigator educates new parents including the Lamb's about safe-sleeping habits for babies. "So we will soon be able to give these sleepers to our patients to have and they know to put their babies back to sleep, the safest way for babies to sleep."

Not just sleeping on their back but sleeping alone. "So it's just a kind of like a travel bassinet, but it's perfect for at home to, good for napping or whatever the case may be."

Phoebe will soon be giving these bassinets out to new mothers who qualify based on need a perfect sleep spot. "It's a very firm mattress and the sheet is very fitted, and that's what we want to see for safe sleep."

"You want to go by your instincts, but you should always take advice from others that know more about it," Lamb said.

Experienced parents becoming more educated parents all for the benefit of baby.

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