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Arrests made in Bainbridge arson case

(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)
Stalina Rich (Source: Bainbridge Police) Stalina Rich (Source: Bainbridge Police)
Teandra Patterson (Source: Bainbridge Police) Teandra Patterson (Source: Bainbridge Police)
(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)

Two women were arrested for arson in Bainbridge, but arson wasn't the only crime committed.

Stalina Rich and Teandra Patterson were arrested in connection to the case.

Just hours before a fire at a Bainbridge home, investigators said surveillance cameras caught Rich walking into a store.

She is seen walking around the store for a few minutes, and then stops to pick up two bottles of lighter fluid.

"She has both of them, she walks to the back of the store where there are no cameras. And then she comes back and puts one of them back," said Investigator Chip Nix, Bainbridge Public Safety.

Police said she stole the other bottle and later used it to set a fire.

Investigators said Rich was in a fight over a man with a woman who lives in the home on Cambell Street. 

Bainbridge public safety investigators said the fire was all started on the front porch of the house. With a bag full of men's clothes and lighter fluid.

"We determined at the point of origin that the fire was actually on the front porch. It appeared that a bag of clothes had been soaked in some sort of accelerant, and then placed on a chair and from there of course it caught the residence on fire," said Nix.

Firefighters responded within minutes, preventing the fire from destroying the house.

"The residence will, even though it had a substantial about of damage to the front of the house and smoke damage to the inside, I think it will be safe," said Nix.

Bainbridge public safety wants to say thanks to those who saw the crime being committed and stepped up to call 911.

"Some of the eyewitnesses, the citizens to the arson watched the suspects pull up and ignite it. Of course those eyewitnesses were crucial to the case," said Nix.

Police said Patterson helped set the fire.  

She turned herself in Thursday and is still in custody at the Decatur County Jail.  

Rich is free on bond.

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