Possible cop impersonator sought in Lee Co.

Possible cop impersonator sought in Lee Co.
Anna Wari (WALB image)
Anna Wari (WALB image)
Major Keith Houston (WALB)
Major Keith Houston (WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - The Lee County Sheriff's Office investigates reports of a "cop impersonator" trying to pull women drivers over.

Sheriff Reggie Rachals has his deputies patrolling for the reported car and Investigators looking into the incidents, because he knows a cop impersonator would be a serious threat to the community.

About 12:30 Tuesday afternoon Anna Wari was heading home on U.S. 82 in Lee County when a black Dodge Charger pulled up behind her with flashing, strobe type lights, making her think it was a unmarked police car trying to pull her over.

"Naturally that's what you think of when you see a flashing car behind you. And like I said this car looked like some that, maybe, detectives would drive an unmarked car. That's what it reminded me of," Wari said. "I couldn't possibly think why somebody like that would want to pull me over. And then I thought this doesn't look right. Because there was no blue light."

Because the lights were not blue, Wari was suspicious.  She was on the phone with her husband, and pulled into the North Doublegate convenience store where he was buying gas.  The charger drove by.

"I don't know what their end goal was. If they were just being smart allecks or if they really or if they really did have bad intentions. But just to make their car look so much like a law enforcement vehicle was disturbing," Wari said.

Wari put out a warning on Facebook, and was contacted by three other people who said the same thing happened to them.
Lee County deputies are taking the reports seriously.

"They have reason to be scared.  With everything that's going on in today's world, you don't want to take chances," said Lee County Deputy Major Keith Houston.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office does not have unmarked cars pull over vehicles.  Officials say if you have doubts about an officer's identity, turn on your emergency flashers, slow down, and call 911 with your location.

"The best thing is to call 911 and tell them that you are being pulled over and that way the dispatcher can let you know if it's legit or not," Houston said.

Anna Wari wants to send a warning. "We have to always be aware of our surroundings, and if we ever feel any kind of threat, we need to just do our best to get into a highly populated place."

Sheriff's Officials say if you encounter this black Charger, call 911.

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