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Realtors say new Lee County hospital would create positive economic impact

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Real estate experts from Albany and Lee County agree that if the hospital is built, it will be very positive on the South Georgia economy, creating what they call the "snowball effect".

Real estate experts say many more new homes like this one now under construction will be seen if the new hospital is built in Lee County.....because the hospital would mean high-paying jobs.

Coldwell Banker Walden and Kirkland Realtor Todd Davis said "It's going to be very, very positive. Yes Sir. Anytime there is a creation of jobs, especially the higher paying jobs like I mentioned, that gives people more disposable income to go our and spend on their homes. Buying new homes."

And experts say that economic growth and job creation would lead to more commercial development.
Continental Realty Realtor Sonny Stewart said "It would have a very positive effect on all of real estate, both residential and commercial real estate."
These experts say many businesses are looking for expanding communities to move into.
Davis said "We have a lot of retailers, restaurants that are looking to come into the area. And the creation of these jobs may inspire them to go ahead and make a move."

So the new jobs lead to new businesses and retailers, which means more new jobs.  The snowball effect that every community is attempting to stay with.

The experts say better and more available health care is also an attraction to bring in new industries and people.
Stewart said "Absolutely.  It might even have a retirement community build out there that you know is associated with the new hospital."
Real estate experts say they are very confident a new hospital would create a positive impact for the entire Albany metro area. 

All the real estate experts we talked with predicted that existing real estate prices would increase if the new hospital is built......because new jobs would create a bigger need for housing.

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