Summer camp teaches kids the basics on weightlifting

Summer camp teaches kids the basics on weightlifting

A summer camp is teaching kids the proper techniques behind weightlifting.

This week World Camp Crossfit is hosting about 20 kids who are entering the 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

Coach Kris Morrill says lots of young people entering junior high or middle school will be working out in the weight room, so this training teaches them the basics.

"The idea behind this is to give them a leg up before they even get there so they know the movements, how to perform them correctly, and they are going to stay safe while doing it," says Kris Morrill, Owner, and Head Coach at World Camp Crossfit.

"It really gets you in shape, because I've been injured, so it helps me get back into shape for my sports," says Emilee Foy, a student at Deerfield-Windsor.

Morrill says many of these kids already play football, basketball, and soccer so this camp is great for conditioning, plus they learn about nutrition and preventing injuries.

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