Supreme Court to hear arguments on Thomasville Pandora case

Supreme Court to hear arguments on Thomasville Pandora case

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An important case involving South Georgia business interests will be heard next week in the Georgia Supreme Court.

Pandora Franchising is appealing a Georgia Court of Appeals ruling that a lawsuit against it must be tried in Thomas County, rather than in Gwinnett County.

Kingdom Retail Group is a limited liability partnership that was formed in Thomasville, for the purpose of purchasing 28 Pandora franchises from a series of entities owned by a family.

When Kingdom's attempt to purchase the Pandora franchises failed, Kingdom sued Pandora in the Superior Court of Thomas County, claiming that Pandora had improperly interfered with Kingdom's attempt to buy the franchises.

Pandora said it was entitled to go to the Superior Court of Gwinnett County where it 'maintains its registered office as its principal place of business in the State of Georgia.'

Lawyers for the Thomasville group argue that Pandora hired a third-party company, Corporation Services Company, to serve as its registered agent, and that company happens to be located in Gwinnett, but Pandora does not have an office or employees in Gwinnett County, and does not own or lease property there.

Attorneys for Pandora are Robert Norman, Hays McQueen, Heather Perkins, Kara Lyons, and D. Lucetta Pope.

Attorneys for Kingdom are Gregory Harley, and Ashby Fox.

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