Former Dawson police corporal indicted

Former Dawson police corporal indicted

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Officials said that Marquis Garland was indicted on multiple counts of unlawful acts regarding criminal history record information Monday, June 6th.

Garland pled guilty to these counts on Wednesday, June 8 and was sentenced to 36 months probation.

Garland was also issued a $500 fine, must surrender is P.O.S.T. certification, and is no longer employed with the Dawson Police Department.

According to a press release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the indictments are the result of an investigation requested by the Dawson Police Chief, Charlie Whitehead.

Whitehead asked the GBI to look into an allegation that Garland used the Georgia Crime Information Center to access criminal and driver's history information.

Garland was a corporal with the Dawson Police at the time.

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