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Woman recounts fighting off carjacker after wild crime spree

Dash cam shows the chase (Source: WALB) Dash cam shows the chase (Source: WALB)
Wiggins crashed into this tree and caught fire (Source: WALB) Wiggins crashed into this tree and caught fire (Source: WALB)
Edna Mercer (Source: WALB) Edna Mercer (Source: WALB)
Karen Timmons Karen Timmons
Jason Wiggins (Source: Sumter County S.O.) Jason Wiggins (Source: Sumter County S.O.)

Jason Wiggins, a Macon County man, is behind bars in Sumter County after police said he lead them on a high speed chase in the middle of a wild crime spree.

Wiggins is charged with three counts of theft by taking a motor vehicle, an aggravated assault charge for hitting a woman, three aggravated assault charges on the police officer, felony eluding, armed robbery, interference of government property for damaging the patrol car, and criminal damage to property.

Neighbors said they couldn't believe what happened on their little county road. Deputies said they believe Wiggins was likely high. One lady says she actually got in a fight with him.

Karen Timmons described how she beat away that attempted car thief.

“I was punching him and punching him and punching him,” said Timmons.

She said the man, identified by deputies as Jason Wiggins, pulled in her driveway and told her he was going to kill her.

"I said, 'nah baby. You are not fixing to kill me. Today isn't the day, and you most definitely aren't about to take my daddy's car,'" said Timmons.

She said the fighting then continued. The crime spree started several minutes earlier with this chase in the county.

Deputies said Wiggins stole a woman's car at the Americus Police Department, wrecked it, and then stole this truck from a Good Samaritan that pulled up to help.

A Leslie Police Officer saw the car and caught up with it.

Video showed the driver hit the officer, flew down Highway 27 and eventually stopped, reversed into the officer, hitting him again, and making the patrol car un-drivable.

The driver then took off for Cooper Road. After flying down the road, he crashed into this tree.

A picture from the sheriff's office shows the damage. Neighbor Edna Mercer says she saw everything.

"After the truck crashed, the man got out of the truck, and ran across over here. My niece came up to visit as we usually do on Sunday evenings," said Mercer.

She said Wiggins then jumped in and drove off in her niece's car.

"He sped off over here, ran into the electric pole, knocked it out, ran back on up the road," said Mercer.

That's when she said he drove to Timmons' house and confronted this brave woman.

"And it was just a Sunday that I know we will never forget on Cooper Road," said Timmons.

Timmons said Wiggins ran through the woods but finally surrendered to authorities a short time later. Mercer said her grand kids wanted to play basketball in that cul-de-sac. She said had they been there, they could have been run over.

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