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Library makes room for renovations

Readers look through cheap books (Source:WALB) Readers look through cheap books (Source:WALB)
(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)
Lorrie Jackson, customer (Source:WALB) Lorrie Jackson, customer (Source:WALB)
Pauline Abidde, Director (Source:WALB) Pauline Abidde, Director (Source:WALB)

Dougherty County's Northwest Library is trying make room for renovations with a sale that had readers walking away with boxes of books. 

Lorrie Jackson has come to the Northwest Library's sale two days in a row. Jackson said she's been bringing home boxes to replenish her family's collection. 

"I have a number of grandchildren," Jackson said. "So, it's really awesome to come out and pick up some summer reading material."

Workers said people with arms full of books are exactly who they needed to come out. 

The Northwest Library is preparing to renovate the area of the sale that was once used to house old materials.  

"We can't use it for storage for these books," Pauline Abidde, the director of the Northwest Library, said. "So, we need to get the books moved out to make way for that renovation."

The eleven thousand square foot space will be transformed with the help of a two-million-dollar state grant. 

Jackson had no problem finding what she wanted though.  She said, despite the influences of the digital world, it's always good to have a book on hand. 

"It's just a way to help your kids get a better education," Jackson said.

The Northwest Library is in the planning stages of its addition, but workers say, if they don't get rid of what they need this weekend, the community can look forward to finding bargain books again.

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