Several counterfeit bills surface in Fitzgerald

Several counterfeit bills surface in Fitzgerald
Curles said inspecting large bills is imperative (Source: WALB)
Curles said inspecting large bills is imperative (Source: WALB)

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - A Fitzgerald man was surprised this afternoon after getting fake cash back from Walmart.

"The manager from the Sonic comes back," recalled Jack Curles. "Hands me the 100 dollar bill back and says dude that ain't no good. I said what you talking about?"

Fitzgerald police are investigating a rash of counterfeit money reports. Curles got a lot more than what he bargained for when we asked for cash back at Walmart this afternoon.

When Curles tried to buy drinks for his family, he was told his money wasn't real.

He then took the counterfeit money to the Fitzgerald police department, and Walmart refunded him with this real 100 dollar bill.

Curles said the fake bill was so similar to the real one, he initially couldn't tell the difference.

Police say they've gotten multiple counterfeit reports lately.  They're trying to track down who is circulating the fake money, and Curles is glad he can add a piece to the puzzle.

"When I walked in there they already had me and my stepson on camera," said Curles. "And they was looking for me because there was actually six bills they said were circulated earlier this morning, and I was holding the sixth bill."

Curles knows he was lucky to get his money back and encourages anyone who receives money they believe is fake to bring it straight to the police.

Fitzgerald police warn you to be on the lookout for phony bills.

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