Used cars get sold with fake tags

Used cars get sold with fake tags
Multiple customers recieved many of the phony tags (Source: WALB)
Multiple customers recieved many of the phony tags (Source: WALB)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Customers are angry after they say they were ripped off by a used car dealer. A Thomas County car dealer is free on bond after his arrest on theft by deception and use of counterfeit tag charges.

The Sheriff's Office began investigating complaints several months prior to his arrest.

Temporary tags are put on vehicles when you first buy them. The Thomas County Sheriff's office learned that during their investigation, some of the customers were receiving three or four of the tags - which became a red flag.

Dennis Cobb is one of many customers who said they were victims of a used car scam.

"I got tired of the situation and the frustration so I just kept calling and they kept giving me the run around about this and about that. They we're going to do it and so on... and it never happened," said Cobb.

Some customers at Car Nation of Coolidge say they had problems from the very beginning of their purchases.

"Take their money, take their down payment, whatever," said Cobb. "And he would not do the rest of the work so that people could get their cars and go on about their business."

Customers had trouble purchasing permanent tags after their temporary tags expired.

Investigators say Jerry Frazier Jr. was not completing the title paperwork in the 30 day time period required by Georgia Law. Instead, he just gave out fake temporary tags.

In Georgia, temporary tags are only allowed to be printed from the state Department of Revenue.

"He was taking the temporary carnation tags and writing an expiration date and issuing them out to people to put on their cars and some people were getting two or three of these tags," said Cobb.

When multiple temporary tags were being given out, calls started flooding in to the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

"They're licensed car dealers, they knew what the rules are, they knew what was going on. And I had worked with them and worked with them for months and finally the last time we dealt with them we explained hey this is it, I'm not coming up here I'm not calling anymore," said Cobb.

In the end, the customers paid the price.

"The driver of the vehicle is responsible, I just had a lady call a moment ago that, that very thing had happened and she was ticked and had to go to court over it," said Cobb.

If you are looking to purchase a used car, you need to be sure that the car dealership has a license that is not expired. You can usually find them hanging up in the business's lobby.

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