Historic coins for sale at Sheriff's auction

Historic coins for sale at Sheriff's auction
Louis Schofill, Narcotics Commander (Source:WALB)
Louis Schofill, Narcotics Commander (Source:WALB)

You've got a chance to buy some historic old coins at an unusual auction.

Drug agents seized the coin collection years ago during a bust at a Thomas County pharmacy and now they're selling them.

It's not your typical seizure by the Thomasville / Thomas County Narcotics and Vice Division. They've got several boxes filled with coins of historic value.

"Some of these coins are pre-dated to civil war, a lot of them pre-date world war two. There's a lot of uncirculated coins in this collection. There's a lot of sets of coins in this collection," said Louis Schofill, Narcotics commander

The coins were a part of a personal collection owned by James Murphy and his Father Wayne Murphy.

The Murphys were busted six years ago, accused of smuggling prescription drugs into the state and repackaging them in Boston Pharmacy bottles.

The narcotics division seized more than 200,000 dollars in cash, a few cars, bank accounts, and these coins during the bust.

"This coin collection is the last bit of that seizure to be disbursed" said Schofill

Narcotics commander Louis Schofill says it's hard to tell what the true value of the coins are.

"The actual monetary value is six hundred and forty dollars, we tried to find out if the coins were worth more than that to try to get some appraisals to try to see an exact value of those coins and we were unsuccessful," said Schofill

Now it's up to the public. The collection will be auctioned off at the Sheriff's sale July 6th, at the Thomas County Judicial Center.

"Once the money is then split up into the respective accounts here at the sheriffs office and city police department, the money is used for equipment or training." said Schofill

Money from the sale will be split evenly amongst the Thomas County Sheriff's Office, Thomasville Police Department, and the District Attorney's office.

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