Burglar caught after bathroom break

Burglar caught after bathroom break

A burglar caught inside of a Thomasville home after he stopped to use the bathroom

According to the Thomasville Police Department, Tyran Booker broke into a home on North Spair St around three Wednesday morning.

After taking a few items from the home he decided to also the use the bathroom.

The homeowner saw a light on and went to turn it off but the door was locked.

"Well initially she thought it may have been one of her relatives or nephews inside the bathroom so she asked "were they done?" and the individual responded they were trying to use the bathroom. She didn't recognize the voice, further confrontation and that's when the individual tried to escape," said Captain Maurice Holmes, Thomasville Police Department

Burglaries and theft are frequent crimes during this time of year.

The police department says buying an alarm system and making sure your doors are locked could limit the chances of you being a target.

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