City/County leaders need more time to reach services agreement

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A decade old agreement between the City of Albany and Dougherty County is up for renewal. There are 27 pieces to the agreement, and city and county staff have reached agreements on 26 of the 27 resolutions.

The sticking point is ownership of five buildings: the Governmental Center, the Judicial Building, two parking decks and the Tax and Tag Building, all located in downtown Albany.

Some of these buildings are in need of expensive repairs, and who is responsible for them, and how much they owe toward the repairs, is at issue.

The deadline for an agreement, and avoiding sanctions, is July 1. City and County Commissioners unanimously voted Thursday late morning to extend the deadline until October 31.

They also agreed to bring in a non-binding mediator from the Carl Vinson Institute at University of Georgia to help them reach an agreement if one is not made by September 1.

According to the County Attorney, the Department of Community Affairs desires 30 days to review the joint agreement before approval, meaning an agreement between the two entities should be reached by October 1 in order to allow the D.C.A. ample time for review.

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