Teams seek improvement during Roundball Roundup

Teams seek improvement during Roundball Roundup

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - At the end of the day, it's all about getting better. That's the message from south Georgia coaches to their players in the summer.

Several high school basketball teams are doing just that in Americus today.

The Roundball Round Up tipped off at Georgia Southwestern this week, and teams from all over Georgia came to play.

Most of the teams were private schools- and many saw it as an opportunity to get their younger players some game experience.

Sherwood Christian brought their middle school team. Head coach Rebecca Fyock says the results on the scoreboard aren't what's important this time of year.

"We want them to do certain things, rather than win certain things," she says. "Run the play correctly. Be in the right spot on defense. Sometimes the score's not going to reflect that, but watching the game and seeing them progress will."

SCA was just one of a few local teams today. SGA and Southland also took part.

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