Editorial: Preferential parking for Purple Heart veterans

Editorial: Preferential parking for Purple Heart veterans

Dear Lowe's Home Improvement store, what were you thinking?

I was just at your store in Albany, and noticed that you have decided to reserve certain parking spots for a certain group of people you have apparently deemed to be "special."

More and more companies are letting politics get in the way of doing business, but this parking space thing? Allowing Purple Heart veterans to have preferential parking?

It's policies like this that are going to make me spend even more money at your store in the coming years.

I will tell everyone I know about the fine example you have set, and how good it makes me feel when I see the signs.

What if this catches on? You mean these wounded warriors may get the idea of just how important they are to our nation, about how much their sacrifice is appreciated by those of us who live in this country.

Well, in this age of too much political correctness, thank you Lowe's for doing a great thing.

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