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Electric Bike rentals in Thomasville

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Joyride Bicycles (Source: WALB) Joyride Bicycles (Source: WALB)
April Norton (Source: WALB) April Norton (Source: WALB)
Jennifer Marcum (Source: WALB) Jennifer Marcum (Source: WALB)

New businesses are popping up in downtown Thomasville.

One is renting bicycles, with a twist.

Joyride Bicycles wants to bring a new, fresh idea to Thomasville. The electric bike goes faster and is much easier to use than a normal bike.

"On a daily basis businesses are popping up in downtown Thomasville and it's just a true sign of economic development in the area and this is just a great town to work, to live, to play. The bike trail would really add a lot to that," said April Norton, Main Street Director for Downtown Thomasville.

Joyride Bicycles opened yesterday, offering a new concept to bike rental services.

"In Thomasville, things are really booming downtown and it's such a fun area to be in. So I decided we really needed a bike rental shop but I wanted to do something a little different than just regular bikes," said Joyride Owner, Jennifer Marcum.

The electric bikes can go up to 24 miles per hour, and owner Jennifer Marcum says they're a great option for anyone of any age.

"It gives people an opportunity to enjoy downtown without feeling overwhelmed, sweaty, and hot. In the summertime you don't have to put as much effort into the ride. Going up a hill is very easy," said Marcum.

Bicycles may soon be a growing transportation option in the downtown area. The West Jackson Corridor project presented just last week shows plans for bikes paths and pedestrian walkways.

"It's such a great addition to our downtown and it's a great way for people to ride, be outside, love the environment and really connect to not only our downtown but all of Thomasville," said Norton

That is one of the many reasons that Marcum wanted to bring her business idea to the area.

"I feel like I can be apart of helping the culture of our community to turn more to bicycling cause it is the perfect area for that." said Marcum.

If you want to check it out, Joyride Bicycles is located on Broad St. Across from the chamber of commerce building. With the summer just beginning, this is a new and fun way for you to get around downtown!

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