South Georgia RNC delegate is ready to vote for Trump

South Georgia RNC delegate is ready to vote for Trump
Patriotic merch at the GA GOP convention in Augusta
Patriotic merch at the GA GOP convention in Augusta

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia Republican leaders say they are now more unified behind Donald Trump following their state convention over the weekend.

State Rep. Ed Rynders from Lee County was elected as a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention. It won't be his first presidential nominating convention as a delegate, but he says things are definitely different this time around.

Rynders is the only one of 31 delegates elected at the annual state convention in Augusta who is from the Albany area. "I'm pleased to be able to represent the 2nd Congressional District," Rynders told us.

He wouldn't say whether Donald Trump was his first choice for president, but here's what he said when asked if he is excited to cast a vote for Trump at the RNC next month: "I am. He's our nominee."

Rynders says the fact that Trump won the Republican nomination shows this is no normal political year. "I'm surprised Trump's the nominee, and I'm surprised Sanders is sticking around as long as he is. That really tells us about what's going on in America."

Rynders says many voters, both liberal and conservative, are angry and want major changes in Washington.  But as surprising as this campaign has been, he believes the core of the general election campaign will be pretty simple. "Where the people on the left are going to say Trump's a bully, and we're gonna sit there and remind people you can't trust Hillary."

Rynders admits you can never be sure just what Donald Trump might say, but he says that's better than the alternative. "We know the Clintons lie," he said.

Rynders also said no party is ever 100% unified, but he thinks most Republicans will support Trump strongly. The Republican National Convention will be held July 18-21 in Cleveland, OH.

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