Commissioner under fire

Commissioner under fire
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County commissioners discuss a possible censure against one of their own.

County Commissioner John Hayes listened Monday as Commissioners and the Superintendent of Schools discussed the structure of a county-run school program.

Assistant County Administrator Michael McCoy filed a police report against Hayes during a field trip with participating high school students in April. A complaint he filed with the county alleged abuse and physical and job threats by Hayes.

Hayes reminded the commission he has done "a pretty good job" during his 11 years of service. "Behaviors don't switch overnight. People don't switch overnight."  Hayes didn't offer additional explanation, and County Attorney Spencer Lee commented that both Hayes and McCoy have hired lawyers.

One commissioner asked about a possible censure against Hayes, and other commissioners suggested new procedures to handle any possible future allegations between employees and elected commissioners, which don't currently exist.

The school system offered to split the costs of running the popular high school civics program and to have two of their employees take over operational duties as a possible structuring solution.

The Superintendent commented that he would like McCoy to continue serving as a liaison between the county and the school system for the GCAPS program, and also being made available for training the new leadership.  County Administrator Richard Crowdis agreed, but went on to say that McCoy "will not be in the weeds anymore" with the day-to-day operations of the program.

Crowdis says he hopes to have a prepared GCAPS budget for the commission to review in the near future.

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