Albany Police set aside 'safe zones' for sales transactions

Albany Police set aside 'safe zones' for sales transactions

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Police Department has designated two locations outside their downtown headquarters as safe havens for making sales and exchanges.

There are two marked parking spaces in the Washington Street alley and one of the Oglethorpe parking lot at the Law Enforcement Center downtown.

There are video surveillance cameras trained on them, and people are urged to use these for face to face internet sales or transactions.

"We want to make sure the transaction is done legitimately.  And nothing doesn't happen.  You come here to the police department.  Other law enforcement agencies have opened up their property to do it. And the same thing we want to do here," said Albany Police Chief Michael Persley.

There are signs show the exchange points, and Albany Police believe designating the safe haven spots for meetings will be a deterrent against robberies.

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