Stolen truck found from viewer tip

Stolen truck found from viewer tip

James Stalvey, owner of Premier Autoworks, has recovered a truck that was stolen from his business Friday.

A viewer saw the report on WALB News 10 and contacted Stalvey through social media and said the truck was on West Lee Street in Terrell County.

The viewer said that it had been in some bushes since Monday.

Stalvey contacted authorities and was able to recover the vehicle.

No major damage was done, but a new key has to be made.

"I don't know if the key was taken out of the office or somehow got misplaced on the ground, fell to the ground.  But right now everything seems to be intact.  Nothings missing, nothings damaged," said Stalvey.

Stalvey said he's appreciative of the help and is happy the truck is back.

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