Editorial: Issues with the TSA

Editorial: Issues with the TSA

If you miss your airline flight because the screening process is taking so long, whose fault is it?

The aviation security fees were hiked in 2013, raising an extra $1.2 billion, to make it a faster process.

But that money was diverted, supposedly for deficit reduction and other things; it didn't go to making things smoother at the airports.

In addition, the TSA is losing its workforce in big numbers. TSA screeners are now down by 5,000 from 2013.

At the same time, the volume of passengers has risen 15 percent, to 740 million.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics expects that number to pass 800 million this year.

Congress has put an extra $34 million in the TSA budget, and they are hiring about 750 extra screeners.

But these are just band aids on a deep wound.

This sad tale reinforces the notion that anything the government can do, private companies can do better. And many airports are looking in that direction.

The Congress and the TSA have got to get some serious fixing done on this problem, and they should have gotten it done before now.

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