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Thomas County deputies brush up on their driving skills

Driving Simulator (Source:WALB) Driving Simulator (Source:WALB)
(Source:WALB) (Source:WALB)
Donnie Yancey, TCSO (Source:WALB) Donnie Yancey, TCSO (Source:WALB)
Julie Hyer, A Public Safety Risk Consultant with LGRMS (Source:WALB) Julie Hyer, A Public Safety Risk Consultant with LGRMS (Source:WALB)

Law enforcement is always looking for ways to keep the community and themselves safe.

"That's the biggest thing they want you to learn here is make sure the public is safe, make sure no one else gets hurt on the road" said Donnie Yancey with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office joined forces with local government risk management services for decision-based driving training. 

Yancey, who has been with the Sheriff's Office for six years believes programs like this are very important.

"My recommendation is that, you know, every law enforcement personnel should actually try this or do this at least once a year to actually learn the difference scenarios that you're not used to," explained Yancey. "And when you're doing this training you get to see and realize, hey, its not going to be as easy as you think it is."

Deputies got into the driver's seat and were put into real life scenarios.

Although, it's not all fun and games, deputies first attended lessons in a classroom covering topics like driving techniques, responding to emergencies and vehicle handling.

After that, they put those skills to the test with a driving simulator.

The most helpful part of the training was having an instructor right there beside them to help fix any mistakes.  

Deputies were able to replay their driving simulation and correct it during the next go-round.

"So far I've been extremely pleased with our officers here in Thomas County, all the public safety individuals that I've worked with have really taken it serious and done a very good job" said Julie Hyer, a Public Safety Risk Consultant with LGRMS.

After each person completed the course, they left with a certificate and knowledge that will stay with them for the rest of their career.

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