Editorial: Thomasville ranks in top 100 of micropolitan cities

Editorial: Thomasville ranks in top 100 of micropolitan cities

Thomasville is ranked on a top one hundred list for micropolitan cities, for the second year in a row.

Over the past two years, Thomasville and Thomas County have seen a large increase in visitors to the area.

Site Selection magazine has ranked the booming town on its Top 100 Micropolitans list for 2015.

A micropolitan is a community with a population between 10,000 and 50,000 that has a core community. It's a community that brings in a lot of social and economic growth to the area.

The town with 18,000 thrives from its downtown community, it's an area that April Norton believes landed Thomasville on the list.

"To see that, that economic development is here, that the growth is here, that we are flourishing as a downtown and as a city,"  said April Norton with the Thomasville Visitor Center.

Two other area cities made the list: Douglas and Fitzgerald also ranked in the top 50.

This list and recognition serves as a strong reminder that our downtown areas are our core, the heart of our community.

The development of our downtown is not just nice to have, it is essential for our areas' economic development.

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