Officials: Heavier traffic leads to more accidents

Officials: Heavier traffic leads to more accidents

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - AAA released their travel prediction for the busy Memorial Day weekend. According to the company, more than 38 million people will be on the roads with most of them leaving on Friday.

Gas prices have dropped much lower than in recent years, and more people are starting to drive to their destinations.

With the roads being busier, Lisa Lowe and her family are just one of many that filled up their tank in Thomasville and got on the road early Friday afternoon.

"Yes we're going to leave right now, we're gonna get gas and head right down to the coast," said Lowe.

The Thomasville Police Department said that traffic accidents on the road nearly triple during the holiday weekends. They have a few safety tips to help drivers get to where they are going safely.

Officials say to make sure that you watch for other drivers and make sure that you have your seat belt on. They also say if you do plan on traveling, remember the Click it or Ticket campaign is going on.

There will be more officers on the road this weekend to make sure drivers and passengers have seat belts on.

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