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Thomasville makes 'micropolitan' list

April Norton with Thomasville Visitor's Center (Source:WALB) April Norton with Thomasville Visitor's Center (Source:WALB)
Downtown Thomasville (Source:WALB) Downtown Thomasville (Source:WALB)
The Dupuy sisters, owners of New SASS! Restaurant (Source:WALB) The Dupuy sisters, owners of New SASS! Restaurant (Source:WALB)

Thomasville is ranked on a top one hundred list for micropolitan cities, for the second year in a row. Over the past two years, the seat of Thomas County has seen a big increase in visitors to the area.

Speaking of bringing people into Thomasville, there were 700 people packed in an auditorium for the Flowers Bakery shareholders meeting.

Suzette Dupuy Wagner and her sister Amy Dupuy Martin opened this southern Cajun restaurant called 'SASS' almost one year ago. They are excited about the latest national list Thomasville has landed on.

Site Selection magazine has ranked the booming town on its Top 100 Micropolitans list for 2015.

A micropolitan is a community with a population between 10,000 and 50,000 that has a core community. It's a community that brings in a lot of social and economic growth to the area.

"Our downtown is our core, it's the heart of our community," said April Norton, Thomasville Vistor's Center

The town with 18,000 thrives from its downtown community, it's an area that April Norton believes landed Thomasville on the list.

"To see that, that economic development is here, that the growth is here that we are flourishing as a downtown and as a city," said Norton.  And with more businesses starting to pop up. 

"We've just given so many people jobs and it feels great to do that,"  said Amy Dupuy Martin, co-owner of SASS!.

SASS! restaurant was able to help Thomasville meet its jobs goal last year by bringing in 18 new jobs. Coming up on their first anniversary, the sisters are happy they picked Thomasville to start their dream.

The list serves as proof that its little big town that attracts people from all over.

"They flock to this downtown and it's also because of the hometown feeling that you get in every store you walk into," said Suzette Dupuy Wagner, co-owner of SASS!.

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