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Lake Park OKs golf carts on streets

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Starting today, Lake Park is now a golf cart friendly city, and that means motorists need to slow down.

The old 30 and 35 miles per hour signs throughout the city have been replaced with 25 miles per hour signs.  It's a change some say they like.

"It's cooler, the wind's cooler, we get there a lot quicker, we get there a lot safer and it's more convenient," said Tina Sirmans, Lake Park resident.     

New speed limit signs and warning signs mean one thing. "Our citizens and people who live in the surrounding areas close by us can now come visit our city on a golf cart," said Chief James Breletic of the Lake Park Police Department.

Golf carts can now legally drive on the streets and people are already taking advantage of it. "I think it's great! It's very convenient for us," said Sirmans.

"Real small community so you can get anywhere here fast. So it's just convenient jump in the golf cart and your gone," said Tom Barr, Lake Park Resident.    

But with these changes come new rules.  Golf carts must have brake lights, front lights, and a flashing light on the roof, just to name a few.

They also can only drive around the city, not on main highways. However, they can cross over major highways at marked intersections.

And neighbors still opting to drive cars have to slow down on city streets. "You have to pay attention to what you're doing. You watch out for other cars when you're driving. I watch out for cars when I'm driving the golf cart," said Barr.

And on warm days like this one Barr says there's nothing better than taking a cruise around town in the golf cart. "You ride around and you meet neighbors, you meet people, you talk to people in the golf cart all the time," said Barr.

The city isn't done with changes just yet. They hope to get grants so they can put golf cart lanes on the major highways as well.

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