Meigs will elect a new mayor after recall

Meigs will elect a new mayor after recall
Margaret Herring (WALB image)
Margaret Herring (WALB image)

MEIGS, GA (WALB) - The tiny troubled town of Meigs is without a mayor. Now it's being governed by a Mayor Pro Tem.

Former Mayor Linda Harris has been embroiled in numerous controversies, including being indicted for stealing money from the city.

Harris was recalled by a large margin, 94 to 48. "It just feels like a burden has been lifted off of me, I can be myself you know?" Former Meigs Mayor Linda Harris is turning what some may think of as a negative situation into something positive.

"I just want the best for the city. I had a vision and I still have a vision for the city whether I'm the mayor seat or not."

A recall election last night removed her from office. She says she plans to continue to work with the city of Meigs by forming a group called citizens concerned about Meigs.

 "We're gonna still keep the vision alive and still bring back the positive in the city of Meigs even if it means that we have to work with the other groups that have been formed here."

 "Yes, I was very relieved." Margaret Herring  has lived in Meigs for thirty years. She says this change is something that will help the city instead move forward.  "I think the city will be better, everyone might pull together to help the city more instead of pulling apart," she said.

After serving as mayor for two years Harris says she plans to use her new free time to work on her garden and spend time with family and her grand dog Bella.
 "We have the most beautiful garden when it comes up, so I'll be out there definitely in the garden."

In October Harris was charged with theft by taking and violation of oath of office. She does not plan to run for mayor again in the upcoming special election.

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