Williams fights to remain on D-151 ballot on election day

Williams fights to remain on D-151 ballot on election day

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Even on election day, a state house candidate continues his fight to keep his name on the ballot.

Attorneys for Mr. James Williams, candidate for House District 151, are in a hearing before Judge Tom Campbell at this hour, at the Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta.  The hearing will be regarding in a request for a stay, according to the House Democratic Caucus.
Williams qualified to run for state representative in District151, where he has been living and voting for years, but was recently disqualified by the Secretary of State's office, which ruled that he lives in another district.

Williams' attorney submitted briefs to an Administrative Law Judge last week. He says the Secretary of State's office changed his voter registration to District 154-- without notifying him.

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He had qualified as the only Democrat to run in District 151. It wasn't discovered until Republican Representative Gerald Greene filed a challenge.

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