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Martial arts teacher credits 'slap' for survival

Walter Lang (WALB photo) Walter Lang (WALB photo)
The leaky ceiling (WALB image) The leaky ceiling (WALB image)

A Bainbridge karate instructor says the skills he teaches others saved his life, in an unusual way.

Master Walter Lang has a new respect for the 'slap fall.'

That technique means to slap the ground just before your body hits disperse your downward momentum.
It helped break his fall and protect him when he fell off a roof while working on a water pump on a rainy day, he said.

On his way down, the safety latch on this ladder collapsed.

"But the X-Rays show no broken bones, no concussion and the doctor said you are very lucky. I told him luck had nothing to do with it. It was my guardian angel," Lang said.

Lang walked away with a shoulder injury, but doctors say it could have been a lot worse.

His students now have a new perspective on the skills they are learning. 

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